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For students

  • The cost savings from publishing texts in electronic format are passed on to you
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For educators

  • Leverage coursepacks from top rated university programs around the country

For authors

  • Equitable revenue sharing and flexible, non-exclusive partnerships keep you in control

Our mission is better online learning

We partner with professors at universities around the country to create affordable academic coursepacks.

Powerful course management with a minimalist philosophy

  • Reduce prep time by customizing proven course templates
  • Clearly define the course schedule and expectations
  • Leverage seamless integration with major LMSs including Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle
  • Experience a user interface built on simplicity with our drag-and-drop, click-to-edit workflow:
Drag and drop, click to edit workflow

Assess learning objectives and engage students with assessments ranging from practice problems to homework assignments and quizzes. Assessment capabilities include:

  • Question banks
  • Automated grading
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Free response questions
  • Mathematical computation questions
  • File attachments
  • Question randomization
  • Scheduled availability
Create and manage assessments

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Advanced mathematics capabilities

Integrals, derivatives, functions and more. Leverage our proprietary math processing capabilities to drive student engagement and evaluate comprehension.

Advanced mathematics processing

Assessments are designed with learning in mind. We view assessments as an essential part of the learning process, not simply a test.

  • Intelligent, automated grading simplifies expressions and determines equivalence
  • Specify custom tolerance levels for numerical solutions to minimize rounding errors
  • Allow multiple attempts per question to keep students engaged and alleviate frustration
  • Leverage syntax validation to reduce common formatting mistakes
  • Add figures and images to questions for superior context:
Advanced mathematics processing
Advanced mathematics processing
Advanced mathematics processing

Authors and content creators

Reach more students through online publishing while still maintaining full control with flexible, non-exclusive agreements.

Ming Press is a Washington, DC based coursepack development and publishing company. Our mission is to make university courses more affordable for students while also creating an equitable revenue sharing model with content creators.

To accomplish this, we remove traditional textbooks from the equation by partnering directly with professors to develop high-quality, reusable coursepacks that are available to students at a fraction of the cost.

Our unique hybrid of publishing and learning management paired with our partnership model offers authors a truly superior publishing solution.

Why partner with us?


Coursepacks on our platform are significantly more affordable for students. On average, students save more than 70% of the total cost when compared to textbooks from major publishers. Are your students really benefiting from the mark up?


Accessibility means access anywhere, anytime, by anyone. Experience the convenience of full functionality across desktop and mobile devices without needing a separate app. Ensure no one gets left out: we adhere with best practice standards established by disability groups including WCAG 2.1. Take comfort in reliability: scalable, highly available infrastructure is always online.


Already have a full fledged learning management system (LMS) at your university? Great! Export your gradebook with the click of a button! We offer seamless integration with all of the major LMSs including Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle.


Robust security measures are employed to ensure the confidentiality of student data. Account access is protected by two-factor authentication, course data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, and our infrastructure is operated 100% in the United States.

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