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Our platform is designed to maximize the learning experience by staying out of the way. Experience the beauty of simple, intuitive design.

Designed for universities

Rigid compliance with privacy, security, and accessibility standards and direct API integration with major learning management systems.

Affordability first

Inspired by the need to disrupt the textbook publishing industry; students save upwards of 70% when compared to solutions from major publishers.

Working with professors at schools across the country including:

The best online learning platform for

Take control of your content delivery. Our holistic approach puts your entire course on a single page and eliminates the need for traditional textbooks. Schedule a 15 minute demo with our platform team to learn more about how we can work together to improve learning outcomes.


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We have tons of experience
building assessments.

Fully customizable assessments that are perfect for homework, quizzes, exams, and more.

Comprehensive features

Leverage question banks, create custom questions, specify open and due dates, set time limits, enable randomization.

Advanced mathematics

Automatically grade student input, typeset mathematics, customize tolerance and syntax validation.


Our users are our biggest fans.

Our singular focus is providing the best user experience possible. Here are a few nice things students and professors have said about our platform.

“The online homework worked smoothly. It was much easier to use than other online systems I've tried. Technical support, although almost never needed, resolved problems quickly. I highly recommend Ming Press.”

Professor Lawrence Washington, University of Maryland

“I surveyed my students after the crazy spring 2020 Covid semester and they almost universally loved how well Ming worked compared to the LMS they had to use in their other courses. And for me the beauty is that it’s already online ready with Zoom and other links embedded!”

Professor Jeffrey L. Cummings, Loyola University Maryland

“Ming Press was a great program to help learn and the multiple answer capability was perfect.”

Sophomore Business Calculus student

"Ming was extremely easy and organized. I stayed on top of assignments and due dates primarily because I didn't have to search through a syllabus like in my other classes. I wish all my courses used Ming!"

Senior Business student

"Ming provided a seamless transition to online only for us which was very helpful with everything else going on."

Graduate Engineering student

"I loved Ming! I really appreciated how Ming was separate from Moodle and all my other classes because it helped me set apart the due dates of the class and have all the materials in one place."

Junior Liberal Arts student
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Stay focused on the curriculum.
Let us handle the content delivery.

You handle the content creation and we handle the presentation by ensuring your course looks great across all browsers and platforms.







Fair, simple pricing for all.

Students benefit from the cost savings of publishing online. Authors will appreciate equitable revenue sharing and our flexible, non-exclusive partnership model.

$ 40

per course

Everything in one place

Access from any device

Due date reminders

Offline reading

Full refund if you drop the course

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Maintain full copyright

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What types of courses work on the platform?

We support a wide variety of courses ranging from business strategy to business calculus. The course platform is designed to be adaptable to any content composition, while also providing support for granular requirements such as the ability to evaluate complex math. Whatever subject you teach, our platform can enhance the online delivery of your curriculum.


How does payment work?

In most cases, students are charged for access at the beginning of the semester when they sign up. For courses in which all of the materials are included in the program cost, we can bill the department directly. We can also make access codes available through the bookstore upon request.


What are students paying for?

Our coursepacks include all of the materials for your course including the textbook, assignments, and supplemental materials that students would instead have to purchase from a traditional publisher at a significant markup. Our platform also organizes these materials in a way that makes it easier for you to manage your work in addition to integrating with your LMS.


How does the platform integrate with my LMS?

We work directly with your university's IT department to obtain approval by documenting our compliance with all applicable privacy, security, and accessibility requirements. We then request API credentials to enable seamless integration.

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