Assessments that you'll actually love to use.

We created an easy-to-use interface for building and administering all types of assessments.


Includes all the features you'll need.

We make it easy by including all of the question types and features you need to build effective .

Multiple Choice

Unlimited options, custom ordering and automatic grading.

\[x = {-b \pm \sqrt{b^2-4ac} \over 2a}\]

Math notation

Inline, typeset mathematical input, rendering and evaluation.

File Attachments

Have students upload documents, presentations, workbooks, videos and more.

Free Response

Require written responses for rigorous evaluation of comprehension.


Question Figures

Use images to add additional depth and context to your questions.


Sophisticated randomization capabilities ranging from ordering to dynamic question generation.

Advanced mathematics.

Sophisticated. Functions, integrals, derivatives, and more. Leverage our proprietary math processing capabilities to drive student engagement and evaluate comprehension.

Frustration-Free. Typeset mathematics, custom range tolerances, syntax validation, function keys, and automatic grading vastly improve the experience for both students and instructors.


Comprehensive evaluation.

Granular control. Quickly and easily update grades and provide feedback. Grant extensions and drop grades for individual students.

Insightful analytics. Evaluate the effectiveness of your assessments with both assessment and question level statistics.

By the numbers

Extensive question banks.

Browse through hundreds of questions tailored specifically for your course. Pick and choose the best. Customize them as you see fit.





It's your course

Build the best assessments.

Focus on the course curriculum and let us handle the user experience.

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